The Key Chain History

Published: 19th November 2009
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First, there were the just strings and stuff that would keep all those keys together. Then came the ring, hoops that provided a stylish way of keeping a those keys in place. And then came those ornaments that made key rings a fashion statement.

In reality, no one can really be sure when key chain and key rings came into being. Although most historians would say that key chains, as we know them, have been around since the latter part of the 19th century, most people believe that even our ancestors have already formed a crude, albeit relatively unknown, way of keeping their things organized. Well, we may never know as our ancestors never had the chance to even begin to know what keys are all about.

From its humble beginnings as metal rings or hoops, key chains and key rings have definitely not allowed themselves to be left behind by technology. Far from it, they have actually found a way to feature the latest gadgets in tow. For example, a number of key chains and key rings carry with them miniature-sized digital cameras. Although limited in capabilities, these cameras can take decent pictures. A few of them can even shoot videos.

Another technologically advanced key chain is the digital photo keychain. Although the market leader for this might be Coby, there are already a number of manufacturers that are catching up and are coming with their own version of the digital photo key chain. Today, you would find digital key photo key chains that can hold up to 90 pictures and could last for more than two hours.

The digital photo keychain can oftentimes be plugged into any computer without the need to install any type of software. You can then drag and drop pictures from your computer folder into your keychain. The process would only take a few minutes after which, you would be able to take your beloved photographs with you.

Who knows what the future may hold for the key chain, but for now, at least, they have proven that they too can evolve alongside technology's changes; and the digital photo keychain is just the beginning.

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