The Different Faces of Jaguar Key Chains

Published: 08th January 2010
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When you think of Jaguar cars, you think of sleekness, luxury and sexiness. They are popular as executive cars among businessmen and politicians. This is because of their traditional exteriors with highly-engineered interiors and engines. Its logo of a leaping jaguar has also been synonymous with the prestige that comes with owning a Jaguar.

You can get a feel of this same prestige with a Jaguar key ring. There are many types of Jaguar key chains that you can purchase - there is one for every person's taste:

1. Leather

Leather key chains give you a rustic and manly appearance. The Jaguar logo or text can be engraved into the leather to create texture and depth. Leather also commonly denotes sophistication.

2. Metal

If you want a more cohesive look, you can opt for a metal Jaguar key chain. Here, smooth stainless steel is used and from there the logo, car or text of the brand is engraved with a fine blade. This personifies the metallic colors and make of the Jaguar car you want to symbolize. Metal also works great as a key chain since it is durable and can be brought anywhere, especially when you plan to use your key chain a lot.

3. Combined leather and metal

For those who can't decide, makers of Jaguar key chain offer combined leather and metal key chains. Here, the metal is set into the surface of the leather strip itself, or vice versa. Hence, you are able to maintain the sleek and luxurious look of both pieces. Businesses often use this design as corporate giveaways or as souvenirs.

4. Plastic

If you are more practical and prefer function over style, you can use a plastic Jaguar key ring which is durable and can last many years. They are also more casual in appearance - you can give them as gifts to teenagers or children.

5. Crystals

Some like Jaguar key chains that personify sophistication. A key chain can come encrusted with crystals or diamonds, adding glitter and value overall. These make great collector's items. You can give this as a gift to older individuals like your parents.

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